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Need a project done inside your home or rental? Is it too big for you? Too small for a contractor? Too small for you? Don't have the time to do it? Would you rather be out enjoying the High Country? It's probably just right for me. Give me a call and I'll take a look at it.

Before....wait until you see the After! 

Selected Interior Services

• Inspect/Replace Light Bulbs

• Repair/Replace Light Fixtures

• Inspect/Repair/Replace Electrical Outlets/Switches/Breakers

• Service Doors/Hinges/Locks 

• Repair/Install Ceiling Fans/Ceiling Light Fixtures

• Test Smoke/CO Detectors 

• Inspect/Replace Batteries  Smoke/CO/Thermostat

• Inspect/Clean/Replace HVAC Filters 

• Clean HVAC Return Vents

  Clean Dryer Vent/Hose

• Inspect/Empty House Central Vacuum Containers 

• Inspect/Replace Fire Extinguishers  


• Repair/Refinish/Replace Vanities

• Repair/Refinish/Replace Cabinets

• Repair/Replace/Install Kitchen/Bath Fixtures/Faucets/Shower Heads

• Repair/Unclog Drains

• Replace Kitchen Sinks

• Inspect/Clean Faucet Aerators 

• Inspect/Repair Sink Caulking 

• Inspect/Clear Drains 

• Inspect/Repair/Replace Toilets 

• Replace Drinking Water Filters 

• Inspect/Repair Tub/Shower Caulking 

• Inspect/Replace Washer Hoses 

• Clean Dryer Vent 

• Flush Sediment from Water Heater 

• Inspect/Empty Dehumidifier 

• Inspect Attic for Animals/Leaks Kitchen and Bath 

• Test Gas Fireplace(s) 

• Assemble Furniture and accessories

• Clean/Remove Unwanted Basement/Attic/Garage Contents

• Appliance Pickup/Installation/Removal

• Sheetrock Repair

• Painting

• Tongue&Groove wood Installation

• Molding/Crown Molding Installation

• Add your request here

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